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About Us

I, Mike Eilts, have been passionate about weather and wildlife photography since I was a kid. But instead of pursuing a photography career, I ended up with multiple degrees in meteorology and an MBA and have spent the past 30+ years in Norman, Oklahoma having had a very successful career as an entrepreneur in the weather field.  Now I have moved to Colorado, and I am enjoying it.  Although I am now working full-time with Spire Global (see for more information), I still have a strong passion for weather, nature, wildlife, and photography.  


My youngest daughter, Taylor, also has an affinity for photography, so we have worked together to launch   Taylor lives in Colorado, as well, and likes rock climbing, photography, and storm chasing.  We have jointly created this website and all of the photography you see is our own.  We hope you like our pictures and our website, we will strive to add new photos at least monthly. If you are interested in buying any of our photos we would be happy to work with you to determine the size and format that will meet your needs.  Please reach out to

Meet the Team

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